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Introduction into the KEA-DHCP software on Unix and Linux systems, including topics about DHCPv4 and DHCPv6.

Course description

KEA-DHCP is the new open source DHCP-Server from Internet Systems Consortium, ISC. Compared with its predecessor, ISC-DHCP, it is a clean and fast implementation of both DHCPv4 and DHCPv6.

The Men&Mice “KEA-DHCP” 2-day training gives a complete introduction into the new KEA-DHCP software on Unix and Linux systems. Attendees will learn how to install, configure and maintain the KEA-DHCP system. The course also includes a refresh of the DHCPv4 protocol and explains DHCPv6, the dynamic host configuration protocol for IPv6 networks.

The KEA-DHCP training has been developed in cooperation with ISC and the KEA development team.

Related certification: KEA certified DHCP Administrator (KCDA).

Who should attend this training?

The course has been created with network administrators in mind that operate a KEA-DHCP system, or plan to migrate to KEA-DHCP. For users coming from ISC-DHCP, the course explains the differences between the products and gives guidance for a migration from ISC-DHCP to KEA-DHCP.

Training content

—  Brief History of the DHCP protocol

—  DHCPv4 protocol knowledge refresh

—  Introducing the new KEA-DHCP software

—  Installing and basic configuration of KEA-DHCP

—  dynamic pools

—  static host reservations

—  standard and custom DHCP options

—  PXE booting

—  An introduction into the DHCPv6 protocol

—  KEA-DHCP IPv6 configuration use cases

—  DHCPv6 prefix delegation

—  KEA-DHCP high-availability options

—  KEA-DHCP high-availability options

—  DHCP troubleshooting: Best practices and tools

—  DHCP statistics tools

Hands-on labs

—  Inspecting DHCPv4 and DHCP6 communication with `tcpdump' and *Wireshark*

—  Installing KEA-DHCP on RedHat EL 7

—  KEA-DHCP basic configuration (Database access, Logging)

—  Dynamic DHCPv4 Pools

—  Static host reservations

—  PXE booting with KEA-DHCP

—  DHCPv6 configuration

—  DHCPv6 prefix delegation

—  KEA-DHCP troubleshooting lab

—  KEA-DHCP failover cluster