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Training Certification Program

Men & Mice, in partnership with Internet Systems Consortium (ISC), offers a certification program for DNS, BIND, DNSSEC, DHCP and IPv6. The Training Certification Program is accredited by ISC and Men & Mice and renowned within the industry. The Certification levels follow the joint Men & Mice and ISC training offerings.

This certification gives administrators an advantage in their business through certifications recognized in the industry.

Organizations seeking experienced professionals will get a reliable way to assure the knowledge of an administrator.

Certification Levels

We provide testing and certification on DNS/BIND and DNSSEC as follows:

Please note:
The ISC and Men & Mice certifications are based on our training classes, but in addition to the knowledge gained from the training classes, the certification also tests operational experience. If you never have operated a DNS Server (DHCP Server, IPv6 network), attending just the training might not give you enough information to successfully complete the certification.

Certifications are available to past and current trainees with one test included with each public training class, after that, and for DNS admins who have not taken the training from an ISC or Men & Mice trainer, the certification fees are:

  • DNS/CA – Certified DNS/BIND Associate: US$ 275
  • DNS/CP – Certified DNS/BIND & DNSSEC Professional: US$ 350
  • DNS/CDE – Certified DNSSEC Expert: US$ 350
  • IPv6/CA – Certified IPv6 Associate: US$ 295

Administered online by ISC or Men & Mice. Dates are below, and “seating” is limited.

Online Certification Schedule:

12. December 2017 Sign up

Do you have further questions?

Have a look at our Certification FAQ or contact us.