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On-Site Group Training

Why our courses are important for you and your organization

To guarantee the availability of Internet services, it’s necessary for network professionals to understand DNS concepts and configuration. The Domain Name System (DNS) is the spine of the Internet, acting as a directory that maps host names to IP addresses. Basically, every time you access the Internet through a web browser, an FTP client or an e-mail program, you are relying on the proper operation of the Domain Name System.

Classes to choose from



Customize your own class with the following modules:

How can I book a group training

If you are interested in having a Men & Mice instructor travel to your company and teach a course on your premises, just contact us and and book a group training of your choice.

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Who should attend?

Network engineers, network planners, system administrators, or anyone who has anything to do with designing and administering DNS and TCP/IP networks. Our courses will provide you with a solid theoretical background and understanding of the more advanced parts of network management.

In all classes a fundamental knowledge background on TCP/IP networking is required. For the Unix based classes, the participant should have a basic Unix administrative knowledge (Unix shell, Unix text editors such as „vi, nano or emacs“, common Unix command line tools). For the Windows classes, basic knowledge on how to work with the Windows GUI is required.

If you feel unsure about your groups knowledge level, we suggest to do a quick test assignment prior to the class. This is to rank your groups knowledge to generate the best training needed.

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