Men&Mice at VMWorld 2019 for Hybrid and Multicloud Network Management

See you at VMWorld 2019, August 25-29, in San Francisco!

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Join our Solutions Exchange Theater Session

New Best Practices for Future-ready Hybrid and Multicloud Network Strategies

Held on Monday, August 26 at 4:20 PM 

Paul Terrill, Director, Sales Operations, North America, Men&Mice

This is your chance to learn how to avoid the pitfalls that come with network transitions and explore new best practices as well as the advantages to adapting your hybrid network strategy to capitalise on the service-native features that are already in all of your IP infrastructure solutions, whether on-premise, cloud or multicloud.

What's changed with Men&Mice since our last VMWorld?

Men&Mice continued to release the features and services for DNS, DHCP and IPAM that many of the world’s largest enterprise, government, education and research organizations use to ensure uptime, network resilience and efficiency.

  • We grew our marketshare by offering future-focused software overlay solutions for managers of networks in transition (hybrid/multicloud).
  • We expedited implementation of agile network strategies and cloud adoption by eliminating migration hurdles for customers.
  • We released Men&Mice Suite v9.2.
  • We introduced new DNS Workflow and advanced Reporting modules.
  • We grew our Partner team to better service the Resellers, VARS and MSPs our customers trust.


Men&Mice wants you to create networks and use the network services that are best for your organization. We’re just here to help you manage and adapt.

The Men&Mice Suite is an overlay solution for the complete management of DNS, DHCP and IPAM. It enables bi-directional synchronization and compatibility with on-prem services such as:

Cisco IOS, ISC DHCP / KEA, BIND, Unbound, Power DNS, Microsoft DNS / DHCP/ Active Directory and VMware vRealize (VO / VA),

and clouds services like:

Akamai Fast DNS, AWS / Amazon Route 53, Azure / Azure DNS, Dyn and NS1

Men&Mice Suite:

  • Extends your existing network infrastructure investments while capitalizing on cloud-native features available in best-in-class cloud services
  • Eases automation and integration across your DNS, DHCP and IP services with highly compatible APIs
  • Streamlines migration of DNS zones and DHCP scopes between both servers and services while retaining / augmenting security-critical access controls
  • Unifies managementreporting and audit trails with option to upgrade to customizable, advanced reporting module
  • Mitigates malicious attacks and other risk management factors with xDNS Redundancy™ feature, unified audit trails and granular access controls
  • Increases day-to-day efficiency with additional option to upgrade to new DNS Workflows module
  • Offers flexible purchasing options (license or subscription)