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Men & Mice at VMWorld 2018 for Hybrid and Multi-cloud network management

What's changed since our last VMworld?

  • We released Men & Mice Suite v9.1 which includes unprecedented API compatibility for hybrid & multi-cloud networks as well as greater virtualization and automation capabilities, fine-grained access controls and audit trails encompassing visibility across an organization's entire network.
  • We introduced a new web-based management application for simplified day-to-day network operations.
  • We adopted a cloud-native focus across our product and team, which we'll demo at VMworld.
  • We doubled the size of our services team to better cater to our customers.


Differentiating factors of Men & Mice’s software-based DNS, DHCP and IPAM (DDI) solutions include:

  • The ability to use the Men & Mice Suite and virtual appliances on existing network infrastructure, without the need to change or procure costly new hardware.
  • APIs that act as an abstraction layer to manage an organization’s whole DNS, DHCP and IP address infrastructure, across multiple vendors and cloud platforms.
  • Option to migrate DNS zones and DHCP scopes between servers and service providers.
  • DNS synchronization utilizing Men & Mice’s xDNS Redundancy feature.
  • Flexible purchasing options with the choice of licenses or subscriptions for the Men & Mice Suite.