DDI Talks Live Schedule

Welcome to our DDI Talks Live schedule page where you can sign up to any or all our upcoming live demos and live webinars.

Sign up for our upcoming DDI Talks Live events!

We are hosting a series of DDI Talks Live events for you to join and enjoy for free. These include live webinars, demonstrations of Micetro, interviews, and all sorts of other live content around DDI, network management, and Men&Mice. You can sign up for free to any or all of the following events, you will then be sent an email confirmation for the events you have signed up to with a link and date to add to your calendar.

March 23rd - 4.00pm (GMT) - (ET)

Asset Management with Micetro

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February 23rd - 4.00pm (GMT) - (ET)

Microsoft Integration

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February 2nd - 4.00pm (GMT) - (ET)

End of Life ISC DHCP

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January 12th - 4.00pm (GMT) - (ET)

Micetro Overview - Digital Transformation with legacy and modern systems

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Cloud and On-Prem Centralized DDI Management
December 1st - 4.00pm (GMT) - (ET)

Centralized DDI Management for Cloud and On-Prem

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November 11th - 4.00pm (GMT) - (ET)

DDI Automation with Micetro

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October 27th - 4.00pm (GMT) - (ET)

DHCP Management with Micetro

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October 13th - 4.00pm (GMT) - (ET)

DNS Management with Micetro

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September 29th - 4.00pm (GMT) - 12.00am (ET)

IP Address Management with Micetro

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