On top of your IP infrastructure?

Consolidate control of your DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid or multi-cloud environments

What We Do

Men&Mice software solutions boost business efficiency and growth by helping you manage and monitor your network spaces wherever they’re hosted, across platforms and on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

Why Men&Mice DDI solutions?

All-in-one view and control of your IP infrastructure

Unite the core components of your IP infrastructure under one pane of glass for centralized control and secure access. Tailor our solutions to your needs with built-in, intuitive flexibility. Master the management of hybrid environments with the most versatile range of DNS and DHCP support on the market.

Boost growth by leveraging infrastructure

Extend valuable infrastructure investments through the non-invasive Men&Mice Suite overlay software integration. Gain immediate business efficiency benefits from the fast, non-disruptive deployment process. Bolster network security and significantly reduce operational expenses with advanced automation, role-based access management, auditing, tracking and logging

Manageability in the cloud

Rapid shifts in technology require software solutions designed to keep up with the pace of change. Singular on the DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management market, Men&Mice offers the powerful integration capabilities required to effortlessly bridge the gaps in network management encountered by enterprises hosting, or planning to host, their networks on a combination of platforms: on-premises, or in cloud or hybrid cloud environments.


Running the network?

Stay on top of your network security and performance with advanced visibility, automation and secure control across the most extensive range of platform support on the DDI market. The Men&Mice DDI Suite changes the way you manage your network through:

Running the organization?

Gain cost-saving network efficiency and help your business grow with the Men&Mice DDI Suite software solution. Cut your operational expenses through network automation, elimination of downtime and accelerated workflows. Men&Mice software solutions help you optimize your operational budget by:

Defy DDoS and DNS vulnerability with xDNS redundancy

xDNS redundancy reduces the risk of exposure to a single point of DNS failure, improves network reliability and performance, and enhances the successful mitigation of DDoS attacks and other potentially harmful DNS incidents.

IP wherever you are

Nothing endures but change.

Running a Microsoft shop? Happy to hang with UNIX/Linux? Prefer to keep your data center on your home turf, or perhaps thinking of taking a leap into the cloud?

With decades of expertise in building and deploying network management solutions on enterprise networks of all sizes, we know that whatever youre doing today, youll need a network resilient enough to adapt to the changes of tomorrow.

From the very beginning, Men&Mice built our DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management products with adaptability to change in mind: change of servers, change of platforms, change in devices, change in applications. The outcome? Core product versatility. We offer the only solutions on the DDI market combining non-disruptive deployment with a consolidated view, sustained manageability and stability of functionality, across servers and platforms, on premises and into the cloud.

Looking forward, we want to make sure you have the freedom to run your network from wherever you, or your data, are. We aim to stay on top of your IP infrastructure. Do you?

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