BlueCat acquires Men&Mice to boost its DNS, DHCP and IP address management platform and help organizations improve network resiliency and simplify network management.

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Why Us

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Bluecat Micetro is the Microsoft preferred solution.

Using an overlay solution for your DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (DDI) services will take your Microsoft DDI solutions to the next level with better IP address management, DDI services all in one place, granular access control, and extended capabilities with other non-Microsoft platforms.

Their Story

Networks are becoming more challenging to manage, maintainand keep secure.

Most corporate networks are now hybrid, multi-cloud, and multi-platform. Companies everywhere are grappling with the same problems. The need for a unified DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management(DDI)solution is growing since networks are becoming more complex.

Within many of these networks, Microsoft plays an integral role. But it’s no longer the only vendor within enterprise IT environments, which poses some challenges when it comes to DDI management.

Microsoft Solution Brief

Men&Mice is a Preferred Microsoft Partner due to the ease and amount of integration between Microsoft and Micetro. Read the Solution brief!

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We consider it a badge of honor that Microsoft itself (MSIT) uses Micetro for its internal network management.

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CEO Men&Mice
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Build on existing Microsoft Solutions with Micetro

Sustainable Networking: Breaking the never-ending cycle of a forklift migration. Enhance Your Current Microsoft DDI Services with Micetro.

Microsoft Native

Integration instead of replacement

Micetro is the only solution that integrates with Microsoft rather than forcing a rip and replace. Manage Active Directory (AD) sites and subnets, AD DNS policies, and even use Microsoft SQL to manage the backend data.

No Vendor Lock-In

Use the right DDI solutions for the right platform at the right time.

Orchestrate all your DDI solutions from the same place with a software overlay solution. Integrate with Active Directory on-premises and Azure DHCP and DNS in the cloud. Manage and gain visibility into BIND and other cloud platforms as well, to get the full picture in one network management DDI solution.


Agent-free DNS and DHCP

Cumbersome agent installation and patch management can be time consuming and may even lead to security problems. Micetro can natively control Microsoft DNS and DHCP without installing an agent.


Active Directory Single Sign On (SSO) and Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

Using native, bi-directional Active Directory integration and SSO with Micetro access controls based on AD Users and Groups allows you to give the right access to the right people using the AD RBAC you’re already using for other solutions.

Software Deployment

Easily deploy the Micetro software-based solution on-premises or in the cloud

Data Center rack space, cooling and power required by hardware appliances cost money and time. Simply download the Micetro OVA from Azure Marketplace or from the web and have a central place for management and visibility in no time.


Just In Time Reporting

Detailed reports help you to understand where you can reduce risk or even increase savings. You can gain unused IPs back, find DHCP conflicts quickly, and correct DNS misconfigurations with the visibility gained by using Micetro custom reports.

Multiple endpoints

You have a lot of devices

Whether you have a hybrid, multicloud, SASE, or a transitioning environment, you won’t have to worry about a DDI solution that can scale. Micetro manages and gives you visibility to all your IPv4 and IPv6 end points (including hardware devices, virtual machines and appliance, and containers) no matter where they live, along with advanced search functions and automatic error checking.

Why Use Micetro in a Microsoft Environment?

Sustainability is imperative, whether we’re talking about energy and resource use or actual technical debt. By using an overlay solution, like Micetro, you’ll be able to enhance your current Microsoft offerings in a non-disruptive approach and abandon the forklift mentality that keeps companies beholden to a single vendor.

Active Directory and Azure AD Integration

Micetro uses pure Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to offer the most secure, yet manageable, access management solution. We do this by ensuring that permissions may only be granted to roles and then users or groups will be assigned to those roles. These users and groups may come from Active Directory, Azure AD, other LDAP systems, or just defined directly in Micetro.

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Equipped for Automation

Built-in tools, robust API-first architecture and rich API capabilities help automate the network.

Built for Migration

Automated migration toolset to easily import data from external DDI sources.


Cross-platform DNS redundancy provides automatic synchronization and failover of DNS between platforms

Custom Properties

Store any device/network information you want to keep track of or display.

Remove Stale Records

Find and remove stale records with a wizard or quick sort operations across all your platforms

Vendor Agnostic Support

Use Microsoft DNS and DHCP alongside other implementations to get a holistic view of your entire DDI infrastructure.

IPAM for Microsoft environments

IPAM for Microsoft environments with Micetro by Men&Mice.

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Cloud IPAM for Microsoft Azure

Make the most of Azure with Micetro by Men&Mice, the only Microsoft-preferred solution on the Azure Marketplace.

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Better DNS management

DNS is the nerve center of your network, and Micetro by Men&Mice helps you run it smoothly.

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