BlueCat acquires Men&Mice to boost its DNS, DHCP and IP address management platform and help organizations improve network resiliency and simplify network management.




Unchain your appliances.

With commoditized virtual appliances your network can enjoy the same useful functionality you’re used to, but remove limitations posed by hardware procurement, maintenance, physical boundaries, and cost.

Network appliances, but make them better.

If your network needs appliances, you can still enjoy the software-defined goodness of Micetro by Men&Mice.

Unlimited, easy to deploy appliances unlock portability to distribute services freely from the core to the edge of the network.

Virtual appliances give your relief from endless procurement cycles and upgrade loops.

Server Management
Seamless migration and recovery

Ensure uptime of your critical DNS/DHCP services in case of a security breach or hardware failure through live migration, xDNS redundancy groups, and automated recovery.

Add DNS Server
Limitless scalability

Deploy an unlimited number of virtual DNS/DHCP appliances, from 1 to 100,000, equipped with best-in-class software and full integration into your network, any time you need to.

Micetro by Men&Mice
Makes your network boundless

Enjoy a predictable, fixed cost and unique freedom for data movement and growth while enhancing appliance functionality to adapt to your needs.

Do network appliances better

Appliances are a key component in many enterprise networks.

Appliance Flex from Men&Mice expands Micetro's orchestration capabilities over the benefits of network appliances, without the drawbacks of hardware.

Endlessly flexible, virtual appliances can be scaled both in number and in capabilities, and suited for easy migration without hardware procurement or data loss. Virtual appliances are also easy to replicate, streamlining business expansion to get your new locations up and running quickly.

Girl holding a phone

The Men&Mice Appliance Flex gives you unlimited virtual network appliances for a fixed cost.

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