BlueCat acquires Men&Mice to boost its DNS, DHCP and IP address management platform and help organizations improve network resiliency and simplify network management.

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Partner with Men&Mice.

The Men&Mice Partner Program focuses on building partnerships that bring best-in-class DNS, DHCP and IPAM technology solutions to enterprises worldwide.

A program built with and for our partners.

We understand partnerships should be a mutually beneficial investment; a relationship that transforms individual strengths into greater market differentiation for everyone. Our flagship product, Micetro by Men&Mice, aims to compliment technology portfolios and capture new business opportunities with its unique approach to IPAM and DNS management tools.

We give our partners a bottom-line advantage by optimizing key business drivers – maximizing customer delight, product value, and cost savings. With thirty years of industry expertise, we recognize the ever-evolving needs of the market, and promise a tailor-made partnership experience that delivers right-fit results and support.

The Men&Mice Partner Program accommodates a variety of market approaches, including system integrators, managed service providers, and product resellers. Partners will qualify for different benefits based on their preferred role and business model. We welcome you to get in touch with our team to learn more.

Authorized Partner

Authorized Partners receive extended support during the Sales process. Authorized Partners are not required to undergo intensive training as Men&Mice provides expert knowledge and resources, where appropriate, but will liaise with their portfolio of new and existing customers to promote the product.

Certified Partner

Certified Partners are autonomous agents who take greater responsibility during the processes of Sales, Delivery and Support. Committed to a joint business plan that defines engagement of resources on both sides, including the setting of sales targets, Certified Partners’ Sales Teams receive applicable training.

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