BlueCat acquires Men&Mice to boost its DNS, DHCP and IP address management platform and help organizations improve network resiliency and simplify network management.



How we help

Network automation

Unified network automation.

Micetro's network automation allows you to customize your diverse network, and export data or integrate multiple platforms and services with a single API.

Automation across your DNS, DHCP and IP services.

Miscommunication in a networking environment can lead to misconfiguration and debilitating downtime. Human error can cripple even the most sophisticated infrastructure, and the more complex the environment the less visible the sand is in the cogwheels.

Automation, through APIs, helps eliminate human error and create extremely useful applications that would’ve been virtually impossible to do otherwise. But the power of an API’s capabilities depends entirely on what was built into it.

We believe in building strength through simplicity, and our API design reflects this philosophy. Simple, consistent naming makes our API unusually intuitive, with clear documentation and world-class support to help you get going. Moreover, it seamlessly works across platform barriers.

unified management interface and API
Micetro speaks your language

While the core command names remain the same, you can choose a method of communication that suits you best: JSON RPC, SOAP or REST.

Network automation built on a single API.

A good API needs to exhibit consistency, reliability and a sanity of design that allows it to do exactly what it says it does. But more than anything else, the proof of a good API is in the product: does the API help a user to create something extremely useful within their applications that would’ve been virtually impossible to do otherwise?

Micetro by Men&Mice connects and orchestrates multiple platforms under a single interface, built on a single API. Network engineers can automate all of them using a single format; Micetro will do the rest.

The API in Micetro is fully-featured and complete: every operation that is available through the UI can be done and automated through scripting. Because of this unified approach, onboarding new employees and maintaining the network administration toolset is easier and faster, no matter how the network infrastructure scales or changes.


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