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As a leading Nordic IT service company, Origo has over 50 years of experience developing and operating IT systems and services, primarily in Iceland and Sweden. Origo is a publicly traded Managed Service Provider (MSP) headquartered in Reykjavík, Iceland. As an MSP, their values are rooted in providing support and innovative technologies to their customers to give them the best possible IT experiences.

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Origo has around 500 employees with most of their people located in the Nordics. They help customers from every industry from Real Estate to Utilities, both in the public and private sectors. While they have a long tail of SMB (Small-to-Medium Sized Business) customers, they also cater to several larger enterprise customers. All of Origo’s customers have one thing in common, though, which is that they all benefit from the innovation, reliability, and expertise that Origo brings to the table.


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  • Simplified network operations for managing multiple customers using multiple underlying services on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Uses Micetro as a single source of truth for their entire DDI environment.
  • Replaced several different tools to more easily manage their internal and customer environments.

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