BlueCat acquires Men&Mice to boost its DNS, DHCP and IP address management platform and help organizations improve network resiliency and simplify network management.

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Solution Comparison for Enterprise DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (DDI) Solutions

A Quick Guide for the Men&Mice DDI Solution from the Gartner Report.

Report Overview

In this report, building o of its DDI market guide from 2015, Gartner selects six DDI solutions for comparison: four market leaders that it identified as standouts, and two additional solutions identified via customer inquiry volume. While features and capabilities tell only part of the story, product architectures vary widely, and each solution has a unique personality and ethos that should be evaluated individually when assessing a solution’s fit.

Selecting DDI solutions that support automation and cloud integration is key, as well as those that support longer life cycles without reliance on hardware, as this improves flexibility and cost management in future network growth and implementation.

Ratings Comparison

Men&Mice score 18 out of 28 “high” assessment criteria ratings, ahead of market leaders Infoblox and BlueCat, and Microsoft’s freeware offering. The high score was 21.

Platform & Deployment

  • 1 in category for high marks. Men&Mice would have ranked higher, but the solution’s ethos is to unplug consumers from physical appliances. It is a hybrid and multi cloud network overlay solution, the first in the market to adopt this implementation method. However, they feel this is a conscious decision, not a lapse in product offering.


  • #1 in Active Directory integration and support

  • #1 in notifications and alerting. Received medium ranking in other criteria from this category, many of which are addressed in modules already release, and upcoming version releases.


  • #1 in API robustness and completeness, as well as cloud integrations for all DNS, DHCP, and IPAM features

  • #2 overall in catagory.


  • #1 in category (tie); standout in high availability and redundancy for maximum security.


Compared to the market leaders (Infoblox, BlueCat, and Solarwinds), Men&Mice are the only DDI and IP infrastructure management solution to o er these features:

The TrueOverlay implementation that provides a holistic management plane over existing network architecture and natively integrates into Microsoft AD and most cloud services.

The xDNS multiprovider zone redundancy feature for increased performance and resilience.

Cloud integration includes bidirectional interfaces with Amazon Route53, Azure DNS, and Microsoft AD, including Sites and Subnets, for seamless global and edge computing

The intuitive API (SOAP, JSON, or REST) includes all features and functions of the product interface, and all API changes are logged.

The intuitive API (SOAP, JSON, or REST) includes all features and functions of the product interface, and all API changes are logged.