DNS management

Work smarter with DNS workflows.

Gain greater control and transparency over changes within your DNS infrastructure through an efficient queue of requests and approvals for DNS tasks.

A modern workflow for modern network needs.

Your business needs performance that isn't hindered by easily disrupted processes.

The DNS Workflow feature of Micetro by Men&Mice enhances the performance of your teams by streamlining DNS changes.

Whatever your network is made of, DNS Workflows scale with it as needed with no additional overhead.

Easy and efficient queueing

Set up DNS changes, from record to zone, without having to wait. Changes will be processed, individually or in bulk, in a fast and efficient manner later.

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Role-based access controls
Streamlined DNS operations

DNS workflows improve organizational efficiency

Through a streamlined process, users are free to set up DNS changes and move on with their work. Administrators, too, can better manage their time and safeguard network integrity by processing changes in bulk.

The approval process is integrated with Micetro's granular access controls, including two-way synchronization with Active Directory and LDAP. Only those with the appropriate privileges can process the changes, satisfying both user autonomy and administrator responsibilities.

Processed changes are logged along with all details for audit trails and troubleshooting.

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