BlueCat acquires Men&Mice to boost its DNS, DHCP and IP address management platform and help organizations improve network resiliency and simplify network management.






Defend against DDoS with xDNS redundancy.

xDNS Redundancy reduces the risk of exposure due to single points of DNS failure, and enhances the successful mitigation of DDoS and other harmful DNS attacks.

Reduce DNS risks with xDNS redundancy™.

Singular on the DDI market and made possible by the unique Men&Mice back-end agnostic architecture, Men&Mice xDNS redundancy enables the replication and synchronization of critical DNS zones across multiple DNS service provider platforms.

Your network will be better protected with streamlined migration and management of DNS zones, utilizing cloud-native features to monitor and replicate changes in DNS.

Greatly improved synchronization and easily configured redundancies ensure that DDoS attacks and other DNS failures are mitigated and your network's resilience is maintained.

xDNS Redundancy is an important tool for your network uptime, and allows you to bulk migrate zones between environments, change authorization access, or switch vendors with just a few clicks or a single API script.

Simple and transparent
Layered protection
Simple and transparent

Use xDNS Redundancy to your advantage with smart data replication and failover, while still keeping consolidated, comprehensive view and management of your DNS.

Layered protection

“Providing DNS availability across service provider platforms with xDNS Redundancy is a great step towards strategically reinforcing the most critical of a company’s IT assets – its network. ”

Magnus Bjornsson
CEO, Men&Mice
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Do all this with xDNS redundancy.

Centralize your management

Regardless of how complex or multi-platform your network is.

Bulk migrate or distribute DNS zones

Works for any platform or vendor, between on-premise and cloud DNS.

Replicate and synchronize your data

This is done automatically so your network remains healthy and available.

Automate and customize processes

Benefit from Micetro's powerful REST, SOAP, and JSON-RPC APIs.

Mitigate damage

Avoid configuration errors, DDoS, and other costly DNS failures.

Apply fine-grained access controls

Improve control over your DNS and enhance team performance.

How xDNS Redundancy Works.

Using the Micetro xDNS feature, create a zone redundancy group by selecting critical zones from DNS servers and services such as BIND, Windows DNS, Azure DNS, Amazon Route 53, NS1, Dyn and Akamai Fast DNS.

Once an xDNS zone redundancy group has been created, xDNS assists the administrator in creating identically replicated zone content, resulting in multiple identical master zones. Additional zones can be added or removed from the xDNS group as required.

All changes initiated by the user through Micetro, both the UI and API, will be applied to all zone instances in the group. All changes made externally to zones existing in the xDNS group, will be synchronized to all zones in that particular xDNS group. However, if DNS record conflicts arise, xDNS will alert the user and provide an option on how to resolve conflicts before the group is re-synchronized.

Protect your DNS on multiple platforms with Men&Mice xDNS Redundancy

xDNS Redundancy mitigates DDoS attacks and other forms of DNS failure by providing centralized management of critical DNS services across multiple DNS service provider platforms.

Men&Mice xDNS Redundancy feature provides the abstraction level necessary to replicate and synchronize critical DNS master zones across multiple DNS service provider platforms, on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

Men&Mice xDNS provides a unified view and centralized management of DNS data, regardless of the DNS service provider platform. Network administrators and other authorized users can use xDNS to perform necessary updates to their network’s DNS

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