Appliance Flex: the convenience of unlimited appliances, without the inflexibility of hardware procurement

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Network appliances can be useful. But in a world that is increasingly dynamic and diverse, their usefulness is limited by the rigidity of their hardware. 

Appliance Flex from Men&Mice: unlimited virtual appliances for a fixed cost 

Appliances are a key component in many enterprise networks, and we want you to be able to continue using that functionality if you wish – we just made them better. 

Traditional network appliances are bound to hardware: both exposed to its failures and vulnerable to procurement hurdles. Men&Mice offers commoditized virtual appliances that provide the same functionality but sidestep the disadvantages. 

Advantages of Men&Mice virtual DNS/DHCP appliances 

    –    Limitless scalability 
The Appliance Flex module from Men&Mice allows the deployment of an unlimited number of virtual appliances whether your network needs 1, 10, 1,000, or 100,000. 

    –    Seamless migration 
The Men&Mice DNS/DHCP appliances are equipped with best-in-class software and full integration with the Men&Mice Suite’s flexible management overlay. 

    –    Advanced recovery 
In case of an appliance going down, customers can easily deploy another one, with live migration or recovery of data for minimizing disruption. 

    –    Secure redundancy 
Men&Mice virtual appliances can be set to be part of xDNS redundancy groups, ensuring uptime of critical DNS services in case of a security breach or hardware failure. 

    –    Boundless flexibility 
Unlimited, easy to deploy appliances unlock portability to distribute services freely from the core to the edge of the network. 

    –    Practical cost 
The Men&Mice VA Flex module is available as a subscription offer, making the cost of DNS/DHCP appliances stable and predictable. 

Ready to take advantage of boundless appliance functionality? 

Get in touch with our expert team, who can help set you up for a new era of appliances in your network. 

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