BlueCat acquires Men&Mice to boost its DNS, DHCP and IP address management platform and help organizations improve network resiliency and simplify network management.



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DDI for Healthcare.

The stability of a network depends on the reliability of the critical trinity of network connectivity: DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI). Its speed, safety and security affect every health institution’s ability to receive and provide its vital services.

When healthy networks are mission-critical.

All health services have two distinct needs: quick, secure access to sensitive information and fully functioning medical equipment. A failure to connect to the right source at the right time or to keep a critical piece of equipment up and running and connected to the right network at all times, can literally escalate into a life and death situation for medical personnel and their patients.

Healthcare professionals require the infrastructure that can ensure uninterrupted workflow and interoperability, as well as privacy and security of patients´ data and hospital records. Network administrators and architects need tools that make this possible, and these tools need to be ready and usable in minutes.

Effective DDI through the controlling and auditing of access to DNS and DHCP configuration lays the solid foundation for optimal network uptime and system availability. Deploying Micetro by Men&Mice, a transformation-ready, automation-enabled, comprehensive DDI orchestration solution, brings stability to the network in the form of:

Single pane of glass view

View and control all IP infrastructure: DNS, DHCP and IP addresses.

Access control

Granular AD-integrated role-based user access management and tracking.

Monitoring tools

Sophisticated monitoring of DDI system health.

DNS security support

Advanced support for DNS security features such as Response Rate Limiting on Windows Server 2016.

More than in any other industry, a health institution requires a stable network and 24/7 uptime to ensure the system can keep patients and personnel safe.

Above all, the ease of use and low cost of maintenance of Micetro helps to boost operational efficiency, allowing staff greater focus on generating positive outcomes for their patients and those who care for them.

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Find out how the National Hospital of Iceland completed twice the network administration duties in half the time with Micetro.

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