BlueCat acquires Men&Mice to boost its DNS, DHCP and IP address management platform and help organizations improve network resiliency and simplify network management.



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DDI for Manufacturing & Production.

The manufacturing and production industries are often facing the volatile pricing and unpredictable demand of a global economy. Maintaining growth in such an environment presents an ongoing challenge.

To reduce cost they need to optimize and automate processes. To spur growth they have to increase reliability. The key to resurgence is to revitalize stale and cluttered networks.

Transforming the factory floor.

Bolstered by its adaptable architecture, Micetro requires minimal maintenance, allowing customers to enjoy lowered total cost of ownership and immediate performance results for their core network services.

Micetro is easily deployed, adapting to your existing IP infrastructure, and intuitively integrating with a wide range of on-premise and cloud services. You can spare your company the invasive, disruptive, and expensive hardware replacements.

Consolidate core network services

Into one single and secure point of control.

Enable sophisticated automation

Of critical network processes such as rapid IP address allocations.

Utilize a strong API

For efficient customization of user applications.

Gain real-time synchronization

And advanced recovery for critical network components.

Boost efficiency

Across global locations through centralized, role-based access management and delegation.

Reclaim growth with DDI

In a global economy characterized by volatile pricing and unpredictable demand, maintaining growth in the manufacturing and production sector is an ongoing challenge. Many enterprises have turned to the optimization and automation of in-house processes to reduce cost, increase reliability and spur growth. Revitalizing a stale and cluttered network is an important step towards triggering positive gains.

Easily deployed on top of an enterprise’s existing IP infrastructure and intuitively integrating with a wide range of DNS and DHCP servers, Micetro provides immediate performance results by sparing enterprises the invasive, disruptive, and expensive hardware replacements often associated with changes to network infrastructure. Bolstered by its uniquely adaptable architecture and ease of use, Micetro requires minimal maintenance, allowing Men&Mice customers to enjoy the lowest total cost of ownership in the DDI business.

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Micetro doesn’t need a lot of consultants and its own teams, it just works.

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Discover how HBPO Group gained stronger, faster, more secure, and more reliable network underpinning their highly specialized production processes.

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