BlueCat acquires Men&Mice to boost its DNS, DHCP and IP address management platform and help organizations improve network resiliency and simplify network management.


Micetro 10.1 by Men&Mice.

Micetro 10.1 brings new and improved features to help establish sustainable networking best practices in diverse and heterogeneous global enterprise networks.

The future of sustainable networks starts with us.

Men&Mice is proud to announce version 10.1 of Micetro by Men&Mice, the API-driven orchestration solution for DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (DDI). Sustainable networking is our top priority at Men&Mice.

With this new release we’re helping our customers manage their DDI solutions and access to these solutions more easily and securely.​

Key feature updates for Micetro 10.1

Access Management

Now a pure Role-Based Access model. Permissions may only be granted by assigning a user or group to a role. Assign roles to all objects or specific objects in Micetro.

Active Directory Sites

Add new AD forests, optionally set them as read-only. View and manage multiple forests, sites, and subnets in an organized way all in the Web UI.

Folders and Smart Folders

Users may create and remove Folders. New dynamic Smart Folders functionality replacing Saved Filters. Smart Folders may be nested under regular Folders or other Smart Folders.

General Subnet Management

Specify network type from creation: Network, DHCP Scope, or Container. Join and split ranges easily all from the Web UI.

SNMP Profiles

Synchronize IP addresses and subnets found on routers with the Micetro database and bulk add or edit routers from the Web UI

License Management

View all your license modules in the Web UI, expired licenses, and usage of your licenses. Get license details at any time and easily contact Men&Mice with this information.


Micetro 10.1 - Features Overview

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Micetro 10.1 - SNMP Profiles

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Micetro 10.1 - License Feature

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Micetro 10.1 - Folders

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Micetro 10.1 - Active Directory

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Micetro 10.1 - Access Management

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Micetro 10.1 brings an improved Web UI.
Improved Web UI in Micetro 10.1

Micetro 10.1 brings an improved Web UI.

Streamlined overview of diverse enterprise networks
Streamlined overview of diverse enterprise networks

Micetro delivers intuitive insights into highly heterogeneous enterprise network environments, spanning multiple platforms and locations.