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Finalist at The Cloud Awards!

It is official, we have been shortlisted at the The Cloud Awards!

Finalist at The Cloud Awards

The Cloud Awards celebrate the best and most innovative companies in the world of Cloud Computing. This is a fantastic honor for us at Men&Mice as it shows the innovative nature of our products and acts as a testament to the fantastic work that we are doing in integrating Cloud and Multicloud services to our overlay solution, Micetro.

Men&Mice have been shortlisted in the category for the “Best Hybrid Cloud Solution”. This category evaluates and considers latency, security, and reliability in a real-world solution where a pragmatic approach to cloud services is sought.

In the words of James Williams, Head of Operations for the Cloud Awards: “After a decade of identifying and celebrating leading figures in the cloud sector, The Cloud Awards team is still unearthing new and remarkable uses of cloud technology. In the best examples, these innovations unlock transformative business practices and efficiencies. These celebrated organizations and individual innovators continue to disrupt existing markets and create new ones.”

The final winners for each category will be announced on 8 February 2022.

We wish to thank The Cloud Awards for selecting Men&Mice as one of the finalists in these prestigious awards and we look forward to hopefully taking the award home with us on February 8 2022.