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Men&Mice Suite v9.2 improves hybrid multi-cloud IP infrastructure

AWS multi-account management, new Workflow and Reporting add-on modules; one-click install availability on Azure Marketplace

Men&Mice, the DNS, DHCP and IP address management solutions company, announces the release of Men&Mice Suite version 9.2, a modular, API-first overlay software solution for the management of DNS, DHCP, and IPAM operations in complex, hybrid and multicloud network environments. The release of Men&Mice Suite version 9.2 introduces several improvements to its management and synchronization capabilities for both on-premise and cloud/multicloud IP infrastructure and DNS operations. Additionally, Men&Mice Suite v9.2 features AWS multi-account management and introduces new DNS Workflow and advanced Reporting modules, which can be added-on to Men&Mice Suite licenses. Men&Mice Suite v9.2 is also now available with one-click install through Azure Marketplace.

Edge computing and the overall digitization of global business forces large-scale network administrators to seek easy-to-implement solutions, such as cloud, to quickly adapt their networks to meet growing demand. In the process, using the multitude of services available creates sprawl and incompatibilities, both with on-premise services and among other cloud providers,” says Sigfus Magnusson, Head of Product Management, Men&Mice. “Overlay solutions, such as the Men&Mice Suite, anticipate changing network needs, focus on compatibility between services and extend network investments while combating network conflicts and vulnerabilities. Likewise, Men&Mice’s dedication to establishing both technical and business partnerships for its solutions means customers can count on DevOps-friendly automation, synchronization and the unified visibility necessary to manage the next generation of enterprise networks.

Azure Marketplace Availability

On the heels of winning a Microsoft Partner Award for infrastructure innovation and building on its commitments to streamline implementation for Windows and Azure customers, which previously included adding Windows Server, Azure and Azure DNS compatibility, Men&Mice has made Men&Mice Suite v9.2 available in the Azure Marketplace. Customers using or desiring to use Azure can now implement Men&Mice Suite with Azure Marketplace’s one-click install, optimizing and drastically cutting down deployment time to minutes rather than hours.

AWS Multi-account management

Men&Mice Suite’s software overlay design makes network architecture as flexible, portable and easy to manage as possible, even as networks grow in complexity. Men&Mice Suite already features cloud-native integration with AWS and Azure as well as Akamai Fast DNS, Amazon Route 53, Azure DNS, Dyn DNS and NS1 to best manage and synchronize IP address management and DNS respectively. In the v9.2 release, Men&Mice has added additional functionality to manage and retrieve data from AWS master account credentials associated with up to thousands of AWS sub-accounts. This means DNS zones, VPCs and subnets can be listed for each cloud account subscription belonging to the service, dramatically cutting down administration while guaranteeing a global view/management of the cloud infrastructure.

Workflow Module

Also in the Men&Mice Suite v9.2 release, a new Workflow Module has been introduced for the efficient request and approval of DNS tasks. The Workflow module allows users to make requests for creating, modifying and deleting DNS records and optionally schedule the fulfilment of DNS changes. Network administrators can gain greater control and organization over changes within their DNS infrastructure.

A common scenario would be a user requesting to add a new DNS record, modify or delete an existing DNS record. The request is created and is viewable to an administrator, along with other requests from other users in one comprehensive list, for approval or rejection, scheduling or immediate implementation. The new Workflow module can be licensed as an add-on to versions of Men&Mice Suite v9.2 or beyond.

Reporting Module

In 2018, Men&Mice introduced simplified reporting features within the Men&Mice Suite. In Men&Mice v9.2, it is introducing a new, advanced Reporting module, enabling users and administrators the ability to utilize, save and export for download a variety of report templates. The advanced reports can be tailor-made by correlating data and templates in just a few steps, scheduling the results to be generated daily, weekly or on a custom schedule. The new, advanced Reporting module can be licensed as an add-on to versions of Men&Mice Suite v9.2 or beyond.

Improvements to functionality for the management of on-premise DHCP scopes as well as for adding and managing reservations on ISC DHCP, KEA and Cisco servers have also been added through Men&Mice Suite v9.2.

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