BlueCat acquires Men&Mice to boost its industry-leading DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (DDI) platform





Azure DNS General Availability with Men&Mice Third-Party Support

Microsoft Azure has announced General Availability of their domain hosting service, Azure DNS, in a joint statement with Men&Mice released on September 26th at the Microsoft Ignite conference in Atlanta, USA. The General Availability announcement comes slightly more than a year after Microsoft first unveiled the public preview of this new addition to their cloud network offerings at Microsoft Ignite in Chicago in 2015.

Jonathan Tuliani, Program Manager for Azure Networking – DNS and Traffic Manager, states: “With this announcement, Azure DNS can now be used for production workloads. It is supported via Azure Support, and is backed by a 100% availability SLA.

Men&Mice has been working closely with the Azure DNS team during the Azure DNS Preview to implement full support for Azure DNS in the Men&Mice Suite. Men&Mice Suite customers can now enjoy the high availability, performance, low cost and convenience of hosting their domains in the cloud with Azure DNS, while maintaining full control of their DNS domains and IP address blocks via the powerful DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI) tools provided by the Men&Mice Suite.

Tapping into Azure DNS with Men&Mice

Magnus E. Bjornsson, CEO of Men&Mice, says: “We are proud partners of Microsoft and embrace the opportunity to join forces with this leader in the field of IT. Our mutual collaboration enhances the value of the open and adaptable Men&Mice Suite to our customers. We look forward to continuing the development of third-party support products in close cooperation with Microsoft.”

Support for Azure DNS further strengthens Men&Mice’s position as a leading supplier of DDI software, offering optimal solutions for large-scale enterprise networks operating in diverse and highly distributed environments.

The full General Availability announcement can be accessed on the Microsoft Azure blog.