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Spreading The Word For Sustainable Networking

Sustainable Networking

At Men&Mice, the concept of Sustainability is fully ingrained into our philosophy as we continuously develop our state-of-the-art DDI management solution, Micetro. It has been clear to us that our differentiation is in the value that we bring to our customers through Sustainable Networking for complex network environments. Sustainable Networking is the philosophy that you can use all of the existing network infrastructure resources you have, both effectively and securely, and perform risk-free and simple migrations when it's time to replace the resources. In short: Make continuous adaptation to change your modus operandi.

Sustainability is a new idea in the field of network management; however, it quickly becomes self-explanatory in the sense that it aims to extend the value of existing network assets while enabling companies to adapt quickly, easily, and safely to an ever-changing networking environment now and into the future.

In light of this stance, Magnus Bjornsson, CEO at Men&Mice, has also been leading the company forward in establishing the definition of sustainable networking to the DDI world in order to bring attention to its importance and potential.

In his mission to spread the word, Magnus Bjornsson has recently had articles on sustainable networking published in some very influential publications: Forbes and Networks Europe Magazine.

As a Forbes Council Member, Magnus Bjornsson was invited to discuss and write about the Men&Mice philosophy of sustainable Networking to bring more attention to it on the global scale. This thought leadership article discusses amongst other things the problem with Rip and Replace, preparing for self-sustainability, & why companies should now be considering sustainable networking.

Similarly, Magnus had an article published in the latest edition of the very reputed Networks Europe Magazine which is a forefront of all technology and network related news and trends. The article from Magnus Bjornsson tackles the benefits of sustainable networking and the importance of using sustainable management solutions for networks in a time when global connectivity is exponentially increasing adding complexity to DDI networks world-wide.

It is a proud moment for all of us at Men&Mice to see our philosophy of Sustainable Networking reaching the world of DDI through such reputed publications. This further establishes our cause and drives us forward - now and into the future.

You can go read these publications on the following links:

-Forbes: ‘Move Over ‘Rip And Replace’: It’s Time To Consider Sustainable Networking’

-Networks Europe Magazine: ‘Compounding The Benefits Of Sustainable Network Management’