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Virtual Appliances

Built on extensive experience in DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management, our virtual appliance products are designed for reliability and performance.

Managed with the Men & Mice DDI Suite, the Men & Mice Virtual Appliances ensure added ease of use and flexibility, offering you:

  • Easy installation and deployment
  • Automated software updates
  • Management of multiple appliances and records from a single UI
  • Read-only diagnostic shell access that can be used to run troubleshooting commands, and gather information and logs from the appliances
  • Retrieval of full configuration and data backups from all managed appliances daily
  • DNSTAP allows for valuable information on the DNS queries the server receives and responses sent to the clients

Virtual DNS Caching Appliance

Service providers rely on DNS caching services for improved business efficiency. Enterprises are also increasingly operating their DNS caching servers separately, for increased security.

The Men & Mice Virtual DNS Caching Appliance is built using the open source Unbound DNS Caching resolver. Unbound utilizes multiple-core servers and is designed for IPv6 and dual-stack environments from the ground up. Additionally, it excels in security tests and fully supports DNSSEC validation.

  • Ready-made virtual solution using the Unbound DNS Caching resolver
  • Management, monitoring and reporting features, such as DNSTAP, bring overview and control
  • Granular role-based access control

Virtual DNS/DHCP Appliance

The Men & Mice Virtual DNS/DHCP Appliance is a dedicated DNS/DHCP virtual machine using the BIND DNS and ISC DHCP software solutions. Offering high performance in a secure, pre-configured package and managed with the Men & Mice Suite, the Men & Mice Virtual DNS/DHCP Appliance enables flexible and secure end-to-end IP infrastructure management.

With support for Microsoft DNS/DHCP, UNIX/Linux DNS/DHCP, as well as DHCP services deployed on Cisco routers, the Men & Mice Suite effortlessly bridges management gaps in highly heterogeneous environments. The flexibility of this industry-unique combination allows the easy deployment and use of Men & Mice appliance products in conjunction with a variety of other DNS/DHCP services in hybrid network environments.