BlueCat acquires Men&Mice to boost its DNS, DHCP and IP address management platform and help organizations improve network resiliency and simplify network management.




Case Studies

Migrating to Azure DNS, Enterprise company migrating to Azure DNS.

The Challenge

A customer hosting nearly 15,000 DNS zones with another service provider wanted to migrate all their zones over to Azure DNS but needed a set of migration tools optimized for this purpose. With distributed global operations and a growing product portfolio, the DDI environment is constantly changing.

The most important features they needed from this toolset were: • The ability to bulk migrate or import DNS zones into Azure DNS • Use workflow extensions to automatically tag zones throughout the migration phases. • Identify zones that have been changed at their previous provider during the migration and would need to be updated with Azure. • After migration, they wanted to have the ability to track changes, delegate access, see all zones across multiple subscriptions and manage the data through APIs.

Our Solution

The customer selected Micetro by Men&Mice to assist with upgrading the management of their critical network environment. This was achieved both by deploying Micetro, and by automating certain business processes in order to obtain the greatest efficiencies.

A key part of the upgrade was to migrate all DNS infrastructure to Azure DNS. IPAM information was migrated from another solution into Micetro. With this first phase, the company was able to achieve efficiencies in managing the DDI infrastructure.

The next step was to implement a workflow module in Micetro, configured to the unique requirements of the customer’s business processes. A set of administrators, authenticated and authorized by Men&Mice through Active Directory were allowed to make changes directly through Micetro with its robust access control ensuring they could only change entries that belong to them.

The Benefits

Micetro by Men&Mice lends itself well to the automation of business processes within enterprises. This, along with specialized industry knowledge, solid customer relationships and close collaboration with Microsoft Azure team has enabled Men&Mice to make this strategically critical project a great success. Our customer has increased their service levels, improved network security and overall uptime of their critical network resources.