BlueCat acquires Men&Mice to boost its DNS, DHCP and IP address management platform and help organizations improve network resiliency and simplify network management.




Men&Mice plugs into VMware

At Men&Mice, we like to turn complex problems into simple solutions. With the world increasingly rotating towards virtualization, Men&Mice turns the very real problem of spinning up a new virtual machine (VM) into a fuss-free solution by plugging in where it matters – the VMware vRealize Orchestrator.

By plugging into the vRealize Orchestrator, the Men&Mice Suite saves customers from waiting for hours, days or even weeks to get their hands on a new VM. And once they’ve got one, essential VM information is retained in the Men&Mice Suite, ensuring automated registration of DNS entries and granting customers the functionality to effectively control, update and synchronize their virtual and physical network environments.

Utilizing the plug-in allows Men&Mice customers to

- save time – with quick, simple and painless creation of virtual machines.
- strengthen security – by gaining a proper, real-time overview of VMs and their IP addresses, locations and subnets.
- put an end to errors – by doing away with manual processes.
- improve network manageability – through tracking and synchronizing essential DNS, DHCP and IP address data and services.
##How it works


1. A Micetro customer requests a new virtual machine (VM).
2. The vRealize Orchestrator contacts Micetro and receives the next free IP address from the requested subnet, as well as other essential configuration information.
3. vCenter creates the VM and returns information to Micetro.
4. Micetro updates DNS infrastructure information as and when it changes. 

What the customer gets

A brand new VM, effortlessly created with the right configuration information, in the right place and instantly ready for use.

**And more**

- Micetro’s custom properties allow further customization of the VM’s visibility and status.
- VM information retained in Micetro enables VM tracking, synchronization and updates, including the release of IP addresses after a virtual server is taken down.
- Micetro talks to DNS servers and registers DNS entries and other changes, such as updates to DNS policies, thereby consolidating DNS data required by the vRealize Orchestrator.

Detailed information on the Men&Mice VMware vRealize Orchestrator plug-in is accessible on the Men&Mice documentation site.

Men&Mice would like to claim that this plug-in speeds up your virtual reality, effectively. But that’s just not true. It simply speeds up your ability to create effectively, virtually.