Replace Excel Spreadsheets

Tasks that had previously required time-consuming, blind pinging and numerous requests for authorization, suddenly took seconds to resolve. Now you just open the console and it’s done.

Spreadsheets, oh spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are a great invention. Often used successfully on smaller networks, spreadsheets help network administrators to manually track IP addresses and record changes to DNS and DHCP configuration. Devices are commonly registered with a fixed IP address and DNS records and DHCP reservations entered separately in Excel. Some devices, such as firewalls, receive fixed IP addresses, but are not registered in DNS or DHCP for security purposes.

As networks grow in size, due to an increase in employees or sudden technological shifts like BYOD or IoT, the number of IP addresses required multiply exponentially and creates a risky extra burden on manual network administration. Keeping track of these three directories (DNS, DHCP and Excel) is not merely tedious and error-prone, but often leads to IP address conflicts that can cause severe network outages and hugely expensive downtime.

Ditch the spreadsheet drag

All network managers have some horror stories of misconfiguration in DNS or in DHCP or sorry tales of IP address conflicts causing costly network downtime. The Men&Mice DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI) Suite prevents the vast majority of DDI errors.

While most of the value of a dedicated DDI solution on smaller networks is the tracking of static IPs, other benefits include a history of changes and general DNS and DHCP analyzing and monitoring.

Role-based access management fortifies network security and makes sure to track and log that the right hands are touching the right components at the right time.

System health monitoring is the network’s smoke alarm, alerting network managers to possible problems with the main network components. Finally, automatic, real-time synchronization ensures that network managers always have fresh data in front of them, without the need for additional configuration of synchronization settings.

Ditch without a hitch – fast and secure

Sporting a uniquely flexible overlay software architecture built on decades of DNS, DHCP and IPAM expertise, the Men&Mice DDI Suite is deployed on top of a network’s DNS and DHCP infrastructure, leaving critical components intact, but adding unified visibility and centralized functionality. Non-invasive and non-disruptive, customers get to enjoy the benefits and security of seeing and controlling their network from a single pane of glass in a matter of minutes, without the need to purchase or maintain expensive appliances.

Additionally, the Men&Mice software design allows for the painless importation of your existing spreadsheet solution during deployment.


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