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Training & Certification FAQ

We have collected and answered the most common questions regarding our Training and Certification Program.

Q: What format is the test? Written/essay or multiple choice?

A: The test is a time-limited, multiple choice examination. Some questions may require selection of more than one answer.

Q: When will this testing be available?

A: The test is given online on pre-scheduled days each month.

Q: Where do we take the test?

A: We offer live online exams proctored by a trainer using a web conferencing application.

Q: How long are the tests?

A: They are 45 minutes or 1 hour timed tests.

Q: Can we use open book, open notes, web search during the test?

A: Yes you can, but this is a timed test at about 2 questions per minute, so you will have a limited amount of time to look things up.

Q: If I took the training from Men&Mice or ISC a couple of years ago, can I take the Certification now?

A: Yes, just sign up prior to the certification date that month. Students who take the test in conjunction with an ISC or Men&Mice training class can take the test for their class one time at no charge, but a student who does not get a passing score and wishes to retake the test will be charged for subsequent attempts. Please see the certifications website for the certification schedule.

Q: To obtain a higher level certification, is it a requirement that the person hold the lower certification first? A: Yes. To take the "Certified DNS/BIND Professional" exam, you must already have passed the lower "Certified DNS/BIND Associate" exam. The "Certified DNSSEC Expert" is also based on the "Associate Level". So for either "Professional" and "DNSSEC Expert", the "Associate" certification must be passed first.

Q: If I haven't taken your training, can I still take the test?

A: Yes, just register and pay the fee ahead of the published test date. The test questions are based upon the protocol, and for the Professional level, many questions deal specifically with BIND's implementation. Of course, you'll have a better chance to pass if you attend our hands-on training but this is not mandatory.

Q: Do you expect the people who take the training to pass the test upon immediate completion of the course, or to only pass after concentrated study of the materials?

A: The ISC and Men&Mice certifications are based on our training classes, but in addition to the knowledge gained from the training classes, the certification also tests operational experience. If you never have operated a DNS Server (DHCP Server, IPv6 network), attending just the training might not give you enough information to successfully complete the certification. We think that you should study at least 2 more weeks on your own before signing up for an exam.

Q: Are certification exams available on other days besides the ones listed?

A: If you would like to sign up for a certification exam at a date you don’t see posted on our website, please contact us.

Q: Do you provide an example test to get a feel for the questions?

A: Yes. There is an abbreviated sample test you can take free of charge.

Q: How long are the certifications valid for?

A: They are valid for 2 years from issue date.