BlueCat acquires Men&Mice to boost its DNS, DHCP and IP address management platform and help organizations improve network resiliency and simplify network management.





Multicloud IPAM and DHCP Management

Micetro’s IPAM module includes both DHCP and IPAM capabilities all bundled into one module. It is built to help large enterprises manage their distributed, often heterogeneous service infrastructure in a homogeneous fashion, through a single-pane of-glass UI. With the proliferation of IoT devices, cloud services, and other edge devices, IPAM and DHCP management goes beyond simple deployment to uptime, security, and performance.

Micetro offers support for a variety of DHCP services:

  • Microsoft DHCP
  • ISC Kea DHCP
  • Cisco IOS DHCP

All scope topologies are supported:

  • Single-hosted scopes
  • Split scopes (on Microsoft DHCP servers)
  • Failover scopes on ISC DHCP and Microsoft DHCP servers DHCPv6 for Microsoft and KEA

DHCP functionalities include:

  • Scope consistency checking. Errors and warnings are displayed for DHCP issues, such as pool collisions, DHCP reservation mismatches, and failover configuration or communication issues.

  • Scope creation wizard allows the user to create a single-hosted, split, or a failover scope through the same process.

  • DHCP leases from managed DHCP servers can be stored for troubleshooting and reporting. -Scope utilization monitoring will generate health alerts, such as email notifications through SNMP traps if scopes are running out of available IP addresses.

  • Reservations are created on all servers that hold a scope.

  • Users can release leases.

  • DHCP options can be defined and modified for multiple scopes/servers at the same time.

  • Superscopes can be managed on Microsoft DHCP servers and DHCP scope policies are supported.

  • Subclasses, groups and hosts can be configured and managed on ISC DHCP servers.

  • Scopes can be duplicated or disabled. Access to DHCP servers includes the ability to give users

  • permission to read only or read/write scope options, add scopes,

  • edit reservations, manage groups (ISC DHCP only) and manage class data (ISC DHCP only).

  • Scopes can be migrated, either one by one or in bulk, between DHCP servers, with options and leases.

  • DHCP servers do not need to be available for scopes to be migrated from them.

  • Access to DHCP scopes includes the ability to give users permission to enable/disable scope, read or read/write scope options, manage reservations, manage address pools, manage exclusions, release lease and manage groups (ISC DHCP only).

DHCP Management with Micetro
DHCP Management with Micetro

Manage your DHCP scopes with ease

Integration with cloud networks on the following cloud platforms:

  • Azure IPAM
  • OpenStack
  • VPCs, VNETs, subnets and instance information is automatically collected and synchronized with cloud accounts and subscriptions in AWS and Azure.
  • Administrators and users can ping individual IP addresses or whole subnet blocks.
  • Users can easily find and provision the next free IP address in a subnet.
  • Multiple address spaces with reporting on overlap and migration capabilities.
  • IP addresses can be claimed and released.
  • By using IAM roles in AWS, multiple accounts can be managed using single credentials.

Micetro supports multiple network types and subnets:

  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • Network organizational containers, IP address blocks
  • Network ranges
  • Subnets of all sizes
  • Integrates with Active Directory sites and subnets, and subnet assignments to sites can be viewed and modified through Micetro, even for multiple Active Directory forests
  • Wizard for creating, allocating, splitting and joining IP address ranges, as well as creating and updating reverse zones for selected IP address ranges
  • Utilization for subnet leaves is graphically displayed in the UI; history for subnets is stored and can be exported
  • Subnet monitoring with script invocation support
  • Subnets and ARP data can be collected from routers and Layer 3 devices
IP Address Management with Micetro
IP Address Management with Micetro

Manage all your IPs in one place with Micetro.

Micetro’s powerful IP Address Management (IPAM) Module gives a complete, centralized overview and control of network IP address spaces, whether on local and homogeneous, or highly distributed, heterogeneous networks. Deployed on top of an enterprise’s existing IP infrastructure, Micetro’s IPAM Module grants administrators the comprehensive tools to rapidly assign, track, audit and manage IP addresses, without the need for additional hardware investments.


Gain a complete overview of your network and prevent downtime caused by IP conflicts.

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