DNS Management

Managing Microsoft DNS with Micetro

Centralized View

Whether you’re using on-premises Microsoft snap-ins across several physical servers or Azure DNS in the cloud, Micetro provides you with a centralized view of your entire DNS DNS environment. You’ll never be stuck looking for a particular record or parsing through system logs again. Retrieve all the information you need in seconds through the Micetro UI or API.

Access Control

Use Active Directory user and groups that you’ve already created with AD integration, and go beyond with granular role-based access control so that you can manage your DNS access down to the zone. Need to go more granular? Give your helpdesk users Request access so that they can request creation and modification of DNS records as well. Micetro gives you consistent access control across your cloud and on-premises infrastructures.

Active Directory Sites

The Active Directory integration doesn’t stop at Users and Groups. Centralize the view of all your AD forests, sites, and subnets. This helpful capability makes it even easier to manage mergers and acquisitions by giving you visibility, observability, and control of DNS all in one place.

Mixed Environments

If you’re in an environment that uses Microsoft and other platforms, view and manage your Microsoft DNS services along side of your other cloud and on-premises solutions like AWS, Akamai, Azure, Dyn, Cisco, BIND, and more. Even building multi-vendor redundancy with xDNS Redunancy profiles.

Custom Properties

Create searchable identity information with Custom Properties to help track and manage projects such as:

  • Migration to cloud

  • Migration to IPv6 and creating new AAAA records

  • Lifecycle management

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