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Better living through scripting

An Application Programming Interface (API) is, simply put, a way in which computer programs communicate with each other. More specifically, an API is a library of commands that developers and software users can access to write customized code for different types of software to interface with one another. Though the channels of communication created by APIs are used by machines, the power of an API’s capabilities depends entirely on the strength of the library of commands created by the people who built it.

To some, what makes an API truly great is mostly a matter of opinion. Most developers will agree that a good API needs to exhibit consistency, reliability and a sanity of design that allows it to do exactly what it says it does. But more than anything else, the proof of a good API is in the product: does the API help a user to create something extremely useful within their applications that would’ve been virtually impossible to do otherwise?

Going API with Men & Mice

Miscommunication between applications in a networking environment can lead to misconfiguration, debilitating outages and downtime. The Men & Mice API eliminates the miscommunication risk by sticking to a solid, consistent naming base. While the core command names remain the same, you can choose your preferred method of communication: JSON RPC, SOAP or REST – whichever suits you best.

Simple, consistent naming makes the Men & Mice API unusually intuitive, granting you the freedom and ease-of-use to create the scripts you need. Clear documentation and 24/7 technical support give the edge when you need a little bit more help to get where you’re going. 

All languages capable of supporting SOAP calls, like Python, Perl, PowerShell, C# or Java, can be used to call the SOAP methods of Men & Mice Central.  For REST, the options are even greater. Simply use your browser or wget (on Linux) to reach data with the API, eliminating the need to learn a variety of programming languages before being able to utilize the API.

Smart and logical, the Men & Mice API solutions offer you the freedom to customize your network your way through, for instance, the automation of processes, export of subnet or device data, or the integration of the Men & Mice Suite in your existing environment.

The ability to write scripts and customize
tasks has been a significant benefit so far.

Tommy Walker

Network Administrator, Texas Woman's University